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  • Microwave kiln glass is a new type of high temperature kiln for glass melting or softening. It is compact, safe, convenient, energy saving, environmental protection, and high.
  • Efficiency, the inside kiln temperature may reach up to 900°C (1650 °F) when operating. Glass kiln is a good tool for glass thermal processing.
  • When using, place the bottom part with a piece of non-stick high temperature resisting paper on a home use microwave oven tray; then combining two or more small glass pieces together.
  • Preference. Put the top part on, and close the microwave oven door. Set the microwave temperature as “HIGH”, heating around 3 minutes. Those small pieces of glass will be heated to soften shape, and the glass reprocessing completes. Best of all, it works extremely fast. The 8*4.5cm internal fusing platform is perfect for fusing jewelry pieces or embellishments in as little as 3 minutes.
  • Glass Kiln has been tested safe for use in a household microwave. Beginners can get started quickly and easily. Create jewelry, bottle stoppers, drawer knobs and sculptural art. One of the most affordable glass kiln on the market.
  • You'll be making gorgeous glass jewelry, knobs and embellishments in no time!
Item Picture Microwave Kiln price
Small Microwave Kiln
inner size: 8*4.5cm
outer size: 12*8.3cm
weight :0.7kg

Large Microwave Kiln
inner size: 13.5*4.5cm
outer size: 19.5*11cm
weight :1.2kg

10-in-one large microwave kiln kit

10-in-one small microwave kiln kit

14-in-one large microwave kiln kit

14-in-one small microwave kiln kit

Diamond glass knife

10pcs earring hook and earring bail for kiln fused glass

10pcs pendant bail for kiln fused glass

Mixed colors and shapes dichotic glass (25g/bag) [5 bags]

7colors art glass Bulls eye Glass for making glass jewelry in microwave kiln (1bag/7colors) [10 bags]

Mixed Beautiful Millefiori Glass (25g/bag) [10 bags]

Beautiful Millefiori Glass (25g/bag) [5 bags]

Beautiful Millefiori Glass (25g/bag) [8 bags]


Green beautiful millefiori glass (25g/bag) [8 bags]


 Blue beautiful millefiori glass (25g/bag) [8 bags]

Red beautiful millefiori glass (25g/bag) [8 bags]


Black beautiful millefiori glass (25g/bag) [8 bags]


Yellow beautiful millefiori glass (25g/bag) [8 bags]

Microwave kiln kit how to works

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  • A microwave kiln is a container kiln consisting of a base and hood made for use in a household microwave oven.
    The kiln is made of a white insulating fiber and lined on the inside of the chamber with a black compound that
    absorbs the microwave radiation and heats up to 1650°F. The heat from this compound is then transferred to the chamber and to the piece being fired. It takes between
    5 to 10 minutes to reach peak temperature ranges depending on the size of the microwave kiln, the work being
    fired, and the microwave’s wattage. After the firing, the kiln needs to cool for at least 20 minutes before being
  • Designed for working primarily with small glass objects or precious metal clay, the microwave kiln is also suitable
    for firing small clay pieces, from beads and pendants to test tiles or small sculptural objects.
    The optimum firing time for various materials and sizes needs to be determined through test firings.
    Using the Kiln
  • First, cut a piece of kiln fiber paper to size. The fiber paper is usually provided as part of the kit, but can be
    replaced by pieces of Bullseye Thin-Fire paper used for glass work. The fiber paper prevents anything from
    sticking to the insulating fiber base.
  • Place your piece on the fiber paper and test fit the cover to be sure the piece does not hit the top or sides of the
    firing chamber. Place the base in the microwave and cover with the lid. Be careful; the black coating on the
    inside of the lid is delicate and cracks off easily if bumped. Set the microwave timer based on your tests. Once the
    microwave turns off, you’ll notice an orange glow coming from the vent hole in the top of the kiln.
    Take the kiln out of the microwave immediately to prevent damage to the microwave’s ceiling from prolonged
    exposure to the heat from the vent hole. Wearing oven mitts or kiln gloves, grasp both the top and bottom of
    the kiln at the same time, taking care to not open it as you lift it up. Place the kiln on a heat resistant surface,
    like a brick or tile.
  • Leave the kiln closed for 20–30 minutes before opening. For slightly larger work, increase the cooling time to
    35–40 minutes. The top of the cover and bottom of the base stay very hot for a long time, so keep at least a
    6-inch clearance above and around the kiln. After cooling, gently brush the fiber paper residue off of the
    base with a soft brush.
  • Note: Wear a respirator to avoid inhaling the dust. When using this kiln, follow the same rules as you would when firing work in a larger kiln. Clay objects can be
    fired either green or after a bisque firing. If firing green, the work must be thin and dry. Dry glazed work
    overnight before firing. Due to fumes, the microwave needs to be vented properly or fired outside.
    It is recommended that you use a different microwave to the one you cook food in.

Safety warnings:

  • 1. Kiln and contents become extremely hot. Handle with care.
  • 2. Always use gloves, such as oven mitts or leather work gloves when handling a hot Microkiln.
  • 3. Always pick up and hold the MicroKiln by both the base and top using both hands.
  • 4. Remove Microkiln immediately from the microwave oven after it is finished firing.
  • 5. After removing the Microkiln from a microwave oven do not set the Microkiln down on top of or in proximity to any surface that is flammable or that could melt, such as a kitchen counter or the top of the microwave oven.
  • 6. Always wait at least 20 minutes after the Microkin has come out of the microwave oven before attempting to open the Microkiln.
  • 7. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions that came with the microwave oven for safe operation of the microwave oven.
  • 8. Vent the microwave oven properly if firing any toxic materials in the Microkiln.
  • 9. Keep the Microkiln out of the reach of children.
  • 10. Use at your own risk and follow all recommended and common-sense safety precautions.
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